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P.A.K.T. Lab – Simple products of creative tourism

26 Mar 2021

| 8:30–14:00


Za prijavo na dogodek se morate naprej registrirat na naši spletni strani.

The first topic of the P.A.K.T. Lab will be Simple products in creative tourism, through which you will be led by the UP FTŠ sTOUdio Turistica and the AIRTH team (Assoc. Prof. Dejan Križaj, Tadej Rogelja, Miha Bratec, Rudi Medved, Darja Primožič), Ana Osredkar – Service 8 and Katja Beck Kos – Rajzefiber.


Here you will get to know:

  • the concept of creative tourism,
  • how to define the building blocks of your products,
  • how to identify target demographics for your products,
  • how we bring our products closer to our guests,
  • frameworks and opportunities with which to develop innovation in creative tourism, and
  • trends in creative tourism.


The first meeting will be held Friday, March 26, and will be of an informative nature – presentation of the project, ways of working and socializing with stakeholders in the creative sector and tourism.



Apply here no later than Wednesday, March 24, 2021.



The lab is intended for everyone who wants to develop and upgrade their products in the field of creative tourism.

The P.A.K.T. is part of the Creative Center Platform partner network. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the fund for European Regional Development and the Republic of Slovenia.

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