Creative Incubator is back!

Feb - May 2022

9 Jan 2022: deadline for application submission

Feb - May 2022: implementation of the program

In February 2022, the Center for Creativity is continuing to implement a three-month structured mentoring program that enables creative companies, individuals and organizations to upgrade key entrepreneurial competencies needed to adapt to rapid and strong structural changes in the cultural and creative sector.


For all those entering the market with their idea for product development, as well as those who are already present on the market and would like to upgrade their product, inclusion in the Creative Incubator can provide you:


  • upgrading entrepreneurial skills (complete program of weekly educational workshops, where we will discuss everything from customer segmentation, building a business model and running a company to digital marketing and development of sales competencies),
  • assigning a mentor to monitor and guide you through the growth and progress of your business idea over the life of the program,
  • the possibility of choosing a professional mentor with specialized knowledge that meets the specifics of your product,
  • connecting and networking with other incubated companies or individuals, lecturers, invited guests and mentors,
  • presentation of your product to domestic and foreign investors at the end of the program.


How to apply? Present your idea / product / service in the form of 3-minute video presentations, where you describe your idea, the problem you are solving with it, the size of the market, the level of development and the existing competitive solutions and present your team.


The creative incubator will run from February to May 2022 and is intended for creative companies and individuals who have a clear idea how to develop or upgrade a product with business potential, specific goals and vision but also want to rethink their view of existing business or just lay the foundations for their entrepreneurial path.


The application deadline is 9 January 2022!

More information on the application criteria and procedure can be found here.

The Creative Incubator Program