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European Creative Industry Summit 2023

27. Oct 2023


We invite you to the ECIS23 Bilbao Conference for the creative and cultural sectors to reflect on innovation, green transition and society. This 3-day event will include the opening of the EIT Culture & Creativity Co-Location Centre South West in Barcelona, connecting vibrant cities Bilbao and Barcelona. Creative professionals, sectorial organizations, policymakers, and experts will explore alternative sources of knowledge and promote inclusive approaches to innovation and technology development.


The European Creative Industry Summit in Bilbao will raise questions about how we acknowledge and utilize innovation, particularly in the urgent context of transforming our planet towards environmentally-friendly, digital, and societal changes. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing the value of traditional and local knowledge systems, heritage, and crafts in the fight for a green transition. The Summit also highlights the need for decolonising innovation, which can promote more inclusive and equitable approaches to technology development. By fostering diverse and inclusive approaches to creativity and innovation, we can develop new ideas and technologies that better address the needs of society and the environment.


Anja Zorko, head of CzK will also take part in the panel Cases and prototypes of new CCI driven policies – Unlearning the old ways of policy development, together with Charles Landry, Creative Bureaucracym, Josean Urdangarin, Head of Cultural and Creative Unit – Basque Government, Arthur Le Gall, Director of KEA and Jenny Kornmacher, Developer of cultural and creative industries and international relations at Region Skåne.