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Mila.Vert, Copenhagen Fashion Week

Avg 9–12 2020


Design association SOTO and CzK are proudly presenting continuation of project Made in Slovenia 2020.


Principal idea of the project is to create a network of best Slovenian fashion designers and brands with businesses, craftspeople, artisans and artists from different fields of creative industry and present different design approaches through travelling exhibitions, fairs, PopUp Stores with umbrella brand Made in Slovenia.


Covid19 pandemic meddled with our plans, but we’re not giving up. first international show SOTO is announced through collaboration with DS Agency during the Revolver fair for sustainable fashion brands during the Copenhagen Fashion Week happening between 9th and 12th of August.


Slovenia and SOTO will be represented by sustainable, ecological and ethical fashion brand Mila.Vert, known for timeless, minimal and elegant pieces. Special attention is given to details which make their prices in tune with time. Collection presented on Revolver fair, are mostly summer knits from eco-cotton of highest quality, light dresses from Tencel fibers, soft and comfortable pieces for leisure and timeless and practical sustainable cotton designs that are staples of every wardrobe. Flower print as a motif is made by printing local flora to textile created by Slovenian designer Vita Ivič. One of the highlights of the collection is a versatile waterproof coat made of sustainable cotton. 


“In Mila.Vert we are making pieces that are relatable with people and at the same time reduce the negative impact on environment, presenting a big problem in fashion production. Our clothes are timeless in order to prolong their cycle. Although we make classic, quality pieces, we are very concentrated on details which make clothes more beautiful and still modern.” as explained by brands founder and designer Tina Logar Bauchmüller. 


About the designer

Brand is Tina Logar Bauchmüller’s idea as she always wanted to create clothes that will represent the best pieces in her wardrobe. she started making clothes with her grandmother, seamstress herself, that helped her create her ideas. Tina prefers simple classic designs that never go out of fashion, but she gives a lot of attention to particularities like neckline, different tones to textiles or specific feeling the fabric imprints on skin.  She is collaborating with experienced seamstresses and is inspired by creative bloggers, photographers and other fashion enthusiasts. Tina is aware that it is hard to make a change as an individual, but she firmly believes that big things can happen if people in different professional fields come together for the same cause. 


Mila.Vert is blend between Tina’s enthusiasm for creating clothes and her values, that represent essence of her fashion brand. 


About the brand 


Mila.Vert is Slovenian fashion brand and all garments are also made in Slovenia. We produce our clothing in collaboration with two family-owned sewing companies and a knitting studio and fashion accessories maker. Transparent supply chain, upholding to the highest ethical and quality standards is one of blessings of local production with traditional techniques. all pieces are custom made providing responsible and sustainable use of materials and energy and prevents creating pilling up of pieces that weren’t sold.  


Novelty that our environmentally conscious customers will love is tailoring for the garments ordered online without additional cost. In that way all pieces by Mila.Vert are really custom made for each customer individually. 


Mila.Vert is using exclusively eco-friendly materials – sustainable cotton, Tencel, and bamboo and hemp fabrics. Accessories collection of bags and belts are faux suede made of recycled polyester. Mila.Vert also has official PETA certificate guaranteeing that materials do not come from animals. To avoid use of single use plastics for distribution Mila.Vert is creating fabric bags from waste materials.


About the project

Made in Slovenia is prevents common situation in fashion industry where fashion brand’s name is in put first and the geographic origin of the production fades in to the background. In contemporary fashion there is a disconnect between designer and process of production. Consequences are contempt towards textile production, disappearance traditional crafts, vanishing of local textile techniques and also inhumane and unecological conditions for work and production. Slovenian designers in are facing burning question “Who made your clothes?” and the answer is “We made them ourselves with help of Slovenian companies, craftsmen and artisans”. Hence the conceptual replacement in the branding of the project and the products created through it. Made in Slovenia becomes a brand, designer and the place of the production, which perverts the current logic of fashion branding.


All products in Made in Slovenia project are taking into account the principles of sustainable and environmental production; are oriented towards artisanal work and endorse local economies with domestic crafts and contemporary design. All products are made in small series with emphasised elements of cultural tradition, rich textile heritage in Slovenia and creative designs. Project is part of partner network CzK. It is financed by Europen union from European fund for regional development and Republic of Slovenia.

About SOTO


Association for contemporary Slovenian design of textiles and garments is built on multidiscliplinary research, production, promotion, education and advocacy of Slovenian and international sphere with clothes and artisanal textile practices in Slovenia. SOTO is the winner of the Slovenian award for fashion and visual creativity TREND 2005 for the exhibition Kaj ostrega ?, the K&O 2010 award at the Design Assembly festival in Graz, Austria, winner of Farandula brand collection of the year and the Elle Style Award 2016 for the first edition of Made in Slovenija in Ljubljana, Prague and Vienna. During the coronavirus pandemic, the Soto Design Society actively participated in the Mask_Sign charity campaign for free sewing of reusable cotton masks for Slovenian institutions and individuals.

Sanja Grcić, predsednica SOTO

Partner network