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Call for proposals “Centre for Creativity 2020-2021”

Call for proposals “Centre for Creativity 2020-2021”

Z veseljem vas obveščamo, da je Ministrstvo za kulturo RS 14. februarja 2020 objavilo že drugi razpis za »Spodbujanje kreativnih kulturnih industrij - Center za kreativnost 2020-2021«.

The objective of the call for proposals is to provide funding in the form of grants for the development of innovative projects and companies in the creative and cultural sector (CCS), and the development of new products, services and processes by the applicants (companies and other organisations), as well as to promote stronger collaboration between the CCS and the economy. The approximate total value of the call is EUR 2,21 million (EUR 1,7 million for the cohesion region East Slovenia and EUR 510,000 for the cohesion region West Slovenia).


  • A1: Seed stage “Proof of Concept”, which is focused on research, innovation and demonstration of the project’s potential for real-world application, with the aim to obtain opportunities and references for commercial use. Available funds total up to EUR 15,000 per project.
  • A2: Start-Up stage – “Creative Start Up”, which is designed to support CCS companies at the growth stage, assist them in improving business processes and encourage them to undertake ambitious, innovative development projects and expand into international markets. Available funds total up to EUR 40,000 per project.
  • A3: Connecting the CCS and economy – “Creative Connector”, which promotes strategic collaborations between cultural and creative sector companies with other economic sectors through the development of innovative solutions, products, services or processes. Available funds total up to EUR 30,000 per project.

More infromation

All the relevant documents with the application form and relevant terms and conditions are available at the Ministry of Culture of the RS website >>>

In parallel with the Call, the Centre for Creativity organises training programmes for the applicants:

Centre for Creativity Conference #2

Training courses under the call for proposals (presentations across Slovenia, workshops and consultations)


Ministry of Culture


From 15.000 EUR to 40.000 EUR


To 100%


9 Jun 2020