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Look at AV industry after the pandemic

17 Nov 2020

| 13:00–15:30

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The Motovila Institute, in cooperation with the Centre for Creativity, invites you to a webinar on the subjects related to the AV sector.


The film industry was already undergoing radical change before the Corona crisis struck, which only accelerated the transformation process. What will be the key challenges for the sector in the field of AV production, distribution and promotion in the next three to five years? How does connecting cinemas and video-on-demand platforms open up new ways of connecting with audiences?


An expert meeting organized by Motovila (Center for Creative Europe) and the Art Cinema Network of Slovenia within the LIFFe festival and co-produced by the Centre for Creativity, and with the support of the City of Ljubljana and the Slovenian Film Centre, explores the future of the industry.


The event will be held in English. Sign up by 1pm on November 17th!

The event is part of a cycle of three specialized professional training sessions for experts in the film and AV sectors within the series “Beyond the Cultural Model”. The training series by the Motovila Institute is organized as part of the activities of the Partnership Network of the Platform Centre for Creativity. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development and the Republic of Slovenia.


Nostradamus Report – napoved AV prihodnosti


What does the future have in store for the audio-visual industry, especially in terms of the turbulent developments of 2020? Such a look into the future will be presented by AV trend analyst and expert Johanna Koljonen, author of the Nostradamus Report 2020, which predicts a time of creative prosperity and chaos for the industry in the coming years. In collaboration with various experts and actors in the global AV sector, Koljonen outlines the main AV trends and developments over each of the next five years. The Nostradamus Report is an international initiative that monitors and analyses changes in the AV industry and makes forecasts for the near future. The report has been produced for seven years under the auspices of the Gothenburg Film Festival, together with the support of the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-program.


The event is intended for the wider professional audience interested in a general view of the future of the AV sector from the point of view of an international expert in the field.



Connecting cinematographers and online platforms


As cinemas are closed due to the pandemic, a number of initiatives have emerged across Europe designed to move the film programme online, making it easier for the screening industry to survive and making quality film programming widely accessible. We will present some of these initiatives  and their impact on the performance of cinemas in different countries; at the same time we’ll try to determine what kind of place they will have in the film economy in the coming years.


We recommend participation to cinemas, content providers, representatives of AV promotion and distribution, as well as creators of AV content, all of whom are aware of the changing habits of audiences and their impact on industry trends.

Partner Network Programme