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TRIGGER – Individualized Mentorship Program

16–18 Nov 2020

| 10:00

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Individualized Mentorship Program is part of TRIGGER platform’s knowledge transfer activities and will focus on a personalized structured program created on the basis of analysis and study of each participants profile and project. The program is focused on the needs to develop specific professional skills, related to characteristics, capacities and qualities of each individual – project and artist, with the goal of strengthening the skills of artists with visionary and imaginative approach to their profession.


The participants will receive continuous follow up on the work and the challenges they face in four segmented sessions in a period corresponding to the needs of the project (6-9 months). The calendar of work will be shaped organically, respecting the principal artistic activities and artistic development of each specific project/artist.


Universal methods and tools will create concrete solutions that will be put in practice through their everyday work, and then reflected at each session to reach effectiveness in their time and focus.

How will the mentorship look like?


The first session will be focused on the artistic project, conceptualization, communication and pitching strategies. Artists will present themselves, their work, strategic plans for placing the project in domestic and international environment, and the history of previous international touring and cooperation.


The second session will dig into the improved version of the presentation and will look into the specific fragments of the market that the project is in conversation with, strategic planning and evaluation of the future.


Third session will offer tools for “how to” put the strategy in practice.


The fourth session will consider evaluation through mentoring of the achieved goals and objectives and micro corrections of the strategy.

Objectives of the program:
  • Increase the awareness and capacity of presenting, conceiving and disseminating your project.
  • Find ways for organic communication to other professionals.
  • Construct the idea of a strategy to imagine and detect the specific market where your projects can be successful.
  • Finding specific partners for its development.
  • Follow up and reaffirming long term partnerships.

Iva Horvat

Iva Horvat is university professor of kinesiology, dancer, choreographer and director. ArtRepublic is an agency for strategies and mobility in the field of performing arts. Iva is cofounder and manager of ArtRepublic along with Elise Garriga. In 2019 she became guest lecturer in HKU university of Arts in Utrecht and supervisor for Producers Development Program in Grand Teatre Groningen. She regularly holds lectures and workshops about internationalization, distribution and sales in Europe, Asia and America.

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