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Music Business 3.0: Do It Yourself!

23 and 26 Nov 2020

| 19:00


Za prijavo na dogodek se morate naprej registrirat na naši spletni strani.

After successfully concluding the course with Yvan Boudillet, SIGIC is preparing a new music webinar within the Partner Network of the Centre for Creativity Platform. This time, with Austrian music professional and lecturer Hannes Tschürzt, which will take place 23 and 26 November.


Hannes Tschürtz, who works for the Vienna music agency INK Music, is an old acquaintance of ours, as we hosted him years ago as part of FundaMENT project, a series of workshops and lectures on the music business.


Due to the extraordinary circumstances, this time Hannes will join us online, with two meetings planned, on Monday 23 November and Thursday 26 November, taking place from 7 to 9 p.m. Attendance is free, but you must register to receive a link to the Zoom chat room for both events.

The webinar will focus on the activities and services needed to develop your music career as a musician, manager, publisher… and you can do them all yourself. What tools do you need for this? How to find your place within the music industry? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? How to analyse the data with which tools? How to put together and present your story, your essence, your values ​​and the message you want to communicate? The sessions will be in English.


Hannes Tschürtz is a music manager, founder and director of the Austrian music agency INK Music. He is involved in band management, music publishing, PR, organising concerts and festivals, and lecturing on the music business at the university level at FH Kufstein Tirol.


In addition to the webinar meetings, we will also provide attendees with individual mentoring sessions with Hannes to help you develop your music projects and careers even further.

The Music Business 3.0 training takes place in co-production with the Centre for Creativity, at the Museum for Architecture and Design. The project is implemented as part of the activities of the Centre for Creativity Platform and is co-financed by the European Union from the European Fund for Regional Development and the Republic of Slovenia.

Monday, 23 Nov 2020


Online meeting #1.

Četrtek, 26. november 2020


Online meeting #2.

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