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Music business 1.0/MB: Nikola Sekulović vs Robert Novak & Tinček Bradač

26 Feb 2019

| 18:00


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At the Centre for Creativity Project Space in Maribor, Nikola Sekulović will give a lecture on different perspectives of music business, which will be followed by a conversation with two main representatives of music scene in Maribor—Robert Novak and Tinček Bradač.


The event will end with a concert by Beatpolar and a presentation of future SIGIC-Centre for Creativity cooperation in Maribor. The second part of the event is being prepared in cooperation with multimedia educational society Voice of Underground, working in the field of youth education, culture and urban subcultural initiatives in Maribor.


Music business – lectures / workshops / evaluations is co-produced by Centre for Creativity at the Museum of Architecture and Design and SIGIC. The project is part of activities of the Centre for Creativity Platform and co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund and Republic of Slovenia.

Nikola Sekulović

Robert Novak

Tinček Bradač

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