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Creative accelerator

Christina Forster: Content Marketing #2

Published: 4. Nov 2020

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The October issue of Creative Accelerator workshops was hosted by Christina Forster from Heartbeats Innovation & Communication, who presented the basics of content marketing for the creative sector in two parts. Each workshop was followed by a presentation of good practices in the field of ceramics by designers in Slovenia. Second designer, who presented her work, was Vera Stanković.


With the constant growth of the digital world, reaching and communicating with target groups is becoming more and more demanding for companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and creators. This is nothing uncommon, as we are all saturated with new messages: according to the latest statistics, we receive a total of up to 10,000 messages from various brands, online and otherwise, over the course of a single day. As a result, individual brands find it difficult to get the attention of the people they are targeting.


At this point, content marketing comes into play, as it allows us to reach the right people with the right message at the right time on the right channel(s). Not only that, content marketing can greatly contribute to the growth and spread of values of a particular brand, as well as to achieving set goals and allowing the customer to establish a connection with the brand online, which is hugely essential in the current situation.


  • Workshop topics:
    • The most important tools of content marketing.
    • How to tell a story and how to find the right stories for your brand.
    • How to find the best channels and best sales formats for your brand.
    • Trends in content marketing: responsible storytelling and the impact of communication.
    • A simple process to create a online customer experience.
    • How to create and implement a content plan.


Excercise templates #1 are available here.