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Distributed Design Awards 2022

Distributed Design Awards 2022

Celebrating the most innovative, supportive and sustainable design projects across Europe

Distributed Design Platform, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, serves to re-think local manufacturing, with the advancements of digital tech and the internet in mind, has launched the fifth edition of their annual European-wide open competition. The 2022 Awards, recognise the most innovative and sustainably designed projects across Europe and are supported by The Index Project, Kickstarter, Other Today Wikifactory and Craftbot.


The platform was born out of the climate crisis, which has raised questions about the nature and culture of the products we buy. By undertaking research and development into alternatives to mass-production, focusing on the movement of data and the use of local supply chains, an alternative movement of production is now burgeoning. These new models, such as the maker movement, provide consumers more control over their products by allowing them a voice in the overall production process. Distributed Design Platform acts as an exchange and networking hub for the European maker movement, aiming to develop and promote the connection between designers, makers and the market.


Participation in the Awards is limited to projects designed within Europe by designers based in any country of the European Union or countries that participate in the Creative Europe Programme. From 1-30 June, submissions are open to anyone working in the creative disciplines dealing with Design and Making: creative players, makers, designers, artists, architects, scientists, students and others. This year’s jury is looking for projects that should be at least in the production stage, already prototyped/ tested or fully realised. Designs submitted to the Open Call must reflect at least two of the four core principles of the distributed design model, jury members will assess the projects individually during each phase using this criteria, which includes:

  • Distributable: The design can travel globally to be manufactured locally.
  • Reproducible: The design takes local availability into account and is based on globally available materials and hardware.
  • Valuable: The design creates value for people, companies and/or society.
  • Design Sensitive: A sensitivity is brought to the aesthetics and application of the design.


Selected projects will be awarded:

  • People’s Choice: One winner – the public will have the chance to vote for their favourite project online during the month of July. The voting system will be announced on Distributed Design Platform’s social media channels.
  • The jury will also select the best among all the projects awarded and recognise this with the Project Excellence Award. This presentation will tackle all four core principles of the distributed design model: Open, Ecosystemic, Sustainable and Supportive. A prize of 2.000 € in funding will be awarded to further develop and promote the project and a mentorship session with The Index Project.


For further information about the Open Call visit this link.


Distributed Design


30. jun 2022