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Design challenge 1498/2022

Design challenge 1498/2022

Platform Kajža and homestead Pr' Lenart, in collaboration with CzK, are announcing an open call for participation in the design challenge 1498/2022

Halfway between urban and rural. A 16th-century farmhouse near Ljubljana, located in the village of Belo, which was first mentioned in archival sources in 1498. The double hayrack, with its changed use, thus becomes a venue for socializing, networking, workshops and cultural events or occasional emergency accommodation. What does double hayrack need? How can we upgrade an empty space layered with history into a flexible environment that will not only be suitable for today but also for the future? What are the needs of cultural heritage structures today?


The theme of the challenge is the conceptual design of a multifunctional piece of furniture made of natural materials that will be based on the traditional and vernacular design principles of the Polhograj hills. The piece of furniture will become part of the ambiance of the renovated and heated hayloft that serves as a place for socializing and creativity. At the same time, the workshop will consider revitalizing the space and other potential cultural heritage buildings for today.


Anyone can participate, and we particularly welcome students of design and architecture, young architects, designers and anyone interested in connecting heritage with the present day to apply. We will accept up to 20 participants.


Application form: name and surname, short CV


Application deadline: 22 August 2022


The design challenge is part of the BIO27 satellite program: Supervernacular!


Mentors: Nina Koželj and Manca Kemperl (Vulgaris)


  • Intensive workshops: 10-11 September 2022
  • Deadline for submission of finished products: 22 September 2022
  • Declaration of Results: 24 September 2022

Detailed description

The design challenge will take place in September 2022. Between 10 and 11 September, an intensive introductory weekend will take place at the homestead Pr’ Lenart at Belo near Ljubljana, during which the participants will get to know the homestead and, under the guidance of mentors Manca Kemperl and Nina Koželj (Vulgaris), explore art and technological and conceptual options for preparing a conceptual design. It is possible to spend the night at the homestead in tents or on shared beds.


The program will be complemented by visits from invited lecturers, mapping of local design practices and materials and guided conversations.


After two weeks of processing and developing the drafts, which will be created during the opening weekend, the jury will choose the winning solution from among the final products submitted and announce the results. The winner will receive a financial prize in the amount of €300.00 gross, which can be used for the production costs of making the prototype. The carpentry workshop of the Vulgaris tandem in Kamnik will also be available for the production of the prototype.

Program and schedule

  • Saturday, 10/9/2022

9:00 greeting, coffee and briefing

10:00 Manca Kemperl and Nina Koželj (Vulgaris): Unique design in wood
11:00 Mojca Sfiligoj (Pr’ Lenart homestead): The story of the Pr’ Lenart homestead and the renovation of the heating plant
12:00 Aleksander Ostan (Atelje Ostan Pavlin): Genius Loci and traditional principles in contemporary interior design
13:00–15:00 lunch break
15:00 mapping of design details, approaches and materials at the homestead
17:00 workshop and group discussion: problem identification and concept
19:00 end of the first day: cooking dinner, stories by the fire


  • Sunday, 11/9/2022

9:00 greetings and coffee10:00 guided walk around the homestead and to St. Catherine
13:00–15:00 lunch break
15:00 Bogdan Gale (Voga): Serial production of the product and preparation for production
16:00 Ajda Bračič (Kajža): Supervernacular and heritage today
17:00 workshop and group discussion: material selection and design concept
19:00 end of the second day


  • Monday, 12 September 2022

17:00 visit to the Vulgaris workshop in Kamnik


  • 12-22 September 2022

independent development of the idea


  • Thursday, 22 September 2022

until 00:00 submission of completed projects


  • Saturday, 24/09/2022

17:00 presentation of projects in short statements
18:00 announcement of results and awarding of prizes


CzK, MAO, Platforma Kajža in Domačija Pr' Lenart


300 EUR

Application deadline

22 AUG 2022