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Rosi Micallef Bremec

Focus Consulting s.p.

With international experience spanning over 25 years, Rosi works within an organization to identify unmet needs, goals, opportunities and challenges of all departments and aspects of the business. Then, working closely with the executive team, she tactfully oversees the execution of a plan through specific initiatives to meet the strategy's objectives. A business excellence professional that thrives on combining strategy with performance creating and bringing projects to life. A builder at heart, equipped with the operational components needed to build a world-class SaaS company, she establishes the data and analytics capabilities required to support company growth and continuous improvement and implement frameworks that work upstream and downstream. UPSTREAM - Using a unique methodology brings people together from all company levels to understand the business goals and vision, organize their data, and build intuitive reporting. DOWNSTREAM - By tactically supporting the team, driving strategy and operations through the insights created. Having spent ten years in the Middle East, she led and championed a $3M information integration project of a real estate portfolio worth over 70 Billion dollars. Her experience spans from conglomerates with 50k plus employees to SaaS startups of 60 to 200 employees. Strategic alignment of Data and Operations has been her focus throughout most of her career, mainly because it is the only way she believes an organization can be truly data-driven. She has created a framework and has published an adaptation of the data part of the framework for SaaS companies online at (www.focus2scale.com) The framework was also successfully applied to a SaaS model at 1Tap by ReceiptBank (now DEXT) and other Startups she now mentors and coaches. The framework supports a rapid experimentation environment and sets up companies to scale when implemented.